ATTS Breed Statistics

as of February 14, 2013

The pass-fail rate is not a measure of a breed’s aggression, but rather of each dog’s ability to interact with humans, human situations, and the environment. See a description of the test on the TT Test Description page.

Data is cumulative since the start of ATTS in 1977. Breeds are listed in alphabetical order:

Page 1: Afghan Hound – Belgian Malinois

Page 2: Belgian Sheepdog – Cao de Fila de Sao Miguel

Page 3: Cardigan Welsh Corgi – Dogo Canario

Page 4: Dogue de Bordeaux – Havanese

Page 5: Hovawart – Miniature Bull Terrier

Page 6: Miniature Pinscher – Pungsan

Page 7: Pyrenean Shepherd – Swedish Vallhund

Page 8: Texas Heeler – Yugoslavian Tricolor Hound