AKC Parent Club recognition for TT

Several AKC Parent Clubs are now having the AKC recognize passing temperament tests for their breed. If your breed’s parent club recognizes the ATTS Temperament Test (TT), you can apply to have the title placed on your dog’s AKC record and receive an AKC certificate of title. For more information on parent club title recognition, including a link to the list of clubs currently recognizing the ATTS TT, please visit the AKC website: https://www.akc.org/sports/title-recognition-program/parent-club-title-recognition/temperament-testing/

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VIDEO: Vinnie passes the ATTS test

Thanks to Patty Naimo for sharing this video of her Belgian Tervuren Vinnie (BasqueLaine-Montage Mafioso NW1, BN, RN, HIC, CGC, TDI, TT) taking and passing the ATTS temperament test.

(Test hosted by North Shore Kennel Club, Westford, MA, September 26, 2010, with ATTS Chief Tester Tom Szebenyi)

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Canine Solutions

Photo by Paige Reyes

Testers, station workers, and participants at the TT held by Canine Solutions on September 17, 2011.

ATTS testers pictured are: (kneeling, front row, left to right) Elly Oliva, AT; Polly Dake-Jones, CT (wearing gray sweatshirt); Lisa Dake-Jones, PCT; (standing behind Elly, Polly, and Lisa) Laurie Talakowski, AT (green jacket); and Roxann Rokicki, AT (directly behind Polly, wearing black jacket).

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ALERT: Please beware

Please BEWARE! ATTS tests are NEVER offered to individual dogs at the owner’s home. If someone approaches you to test your dog at home, this person is NOT associated with ATTS. ALL official ATTS tests are sponsored by recognized dog clubs and organizations and are listed on the ATTS website. Please contact ATTS for more information if you are unsure if an event or individual is legitimately associated with our organization.

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An important message from the ATTS President

In a current article in the NEW YORKER magazine, issue 2006-02-06, a statement has been made which by inference can be attributed to me, especially since it follows one of my quotes. I would never use the phrase “human aggressive” with Rottweilers, German Shepherd Dogs or any other breed. This is the author’s statement, not mine.

Carl K. Herkstroeter
President, ATTS

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